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AquesTone - Vocal Synthesizer VST

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AquesTone is the Software synthesizer, which was developed to make people enjoy by playing real time singing performances. This software can cope with VSTi plug-in and, has the capability to output singing voice tone from MIDI information and text lyrics. We regard "real time" as the most important issue and this software runs with playing MIDI Keyboard in order to enjoy Live Performance. Of course, you can feed the data in advance.


- Singing Voice synthesis from basic MIDI information. AquesTone does not need special MIDI information. You can enjoy the singing voice with text lyrics ONLY.
- VSTi plug-in
VSTi plug-in You can use various DAW software, which you are used to.
Also, you can connect optional effect, such as echo or reverb.
- Dynamic position change of the lyrics
You can change the position of the lyrics by forwarding and rewinding during the performance.
- Note Off lyrics Can assign lyrics to the Note-OFF event (release event) for more intuitive play.

Operating Environment

OS Windows XP(others unconfirmed)
Format VST Instrument (Ver.2.4)
Sampling Frequency 44KHz
Mono / polyphonic Monophonic

*AquesTone is developed on WindowsXP Pro SP2, AthlonX2 2.1GHz 2GB, CUBASE AI 4, KX25, MW8CX environment.


AquesTone Ver.
AquesTone Ver.
AquesTone Ver.

How to use AquesTone,. Support

Please refer online manual for the usage. In addition, other information should be posted on the Blog. BBS is available to the exchange of information. Please, Visit

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- Fix the DAW crashes after deleting a lyrics file.

- Fix the pop noise which is depend on environment.

- Add new Male voice and voice change switch.
  Auto_F1/Auto_HK is the Auto Vibrato version of Female_F1/Male_HK.
- Store the lyrics file name with program.
- Fix: the small beat noise after note-off.

- Channel pressure available. [MIDI D0H nn] (nn:0-127)
- All Note Off available. [MIDI CC:7BH]
- MIDI controls to Increment/Decrement the focus line of lyrics.
  [MIDI CC:50 (increment) CC:51 (decrement)]
- Implementation capabilities gate pitch.
- Syllable minimum length of time to add features.
- Aliasing filter changes (changed near 12 KHz characteristics).

- Can wrote lyrics in ASCII character.
- For English version of Windows.

- Bug fix of FL Studio does not work.

- First release.