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Vocalizer - human voice filter VST plug-in


You can convert any sound into human-voice-like sound with Vocalizer ! and…It's free !
You may regard Vocalizer as "voice synthesizer", "vocoder", or "harmonizer" but it's not.
Vocalizer would be close to "formant filter" but Vocalizer has its original speech processing algorithm. Thanks to this original algorithm, Vocalizer can apply human voice characteristics to any input sounds very strongly. Therefore, Voicalizer can be used for not only lead sound but also for various sound sources.
You may be able to make chorus part easily WITH Vocalizer, WITHOUT recording real voices (Only vowel is available. Consonant is not available)
Due to VST plug-in, you will need some DAW host, which support VST separately.


- Strongly apply human voice characteristics
- Intuitive GUI control with XY-pad
     Strength of effect, Vowels can be controlled with X-Y pad only.
- Both of Male voice and Female voice pattern are available
- Free!


Operating Environment

OS Windows XP(others unconfirmed)
Format VST Effect (Ver.2.4)
Sampling Frequency 44KHz
Mono / polyphonic Monophonic

*AquesTone is developed on WindowsXP Pro SP2, AthlonX2 2.1GHz 2GB, CUBASE AI 4, KX25, MW8CX environment.


You can use this software free.
You are NOT allow others to distribute.


Vocalizer Ver. 1.01


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Ver.1.01   11 Oct. 2008
- [Fix] No effect in some host. (e.g. FL Studio)

Ver.1.00   10 Oct. 2008
- First release.